Jannine Umana is a Transformational Life Coach who lives on the Sunshine Coast at Noosa in Queensland, Australia.  She is a gifted energy clearer who has been helping people transform their lives for 20 years. 

Her earlier career was as a swim instructor and 2nd level coach of infants, children, and adults.  Her youngest being 2 days old to the eldest being 84.  She also trained tri athletes in the swim leg.

Swimming gave her the insight to the mind body connection and so was the starter of her now incredible insight into the mind/body connection. 

She has since studied Kinesiology, Reiki, Vibrational Healing, Theta, Hypnosis and attended a One Year Mystery School.

My method of Trilogy allows us to become who we truly are by transforming our old negative patterns of behavior into a new and productive life.  This will give greater focus and self-esteem, energy and drive to make decisions that serve us rather than defeating us, thus bringing about a new self-confidence.  With this comes greater productivity and passion for a more fulfilling and happy life.


I have an innate belief that we are all born for excellence with a specific purpose for this lifetime.

MY Business is about People and Relationships.   If you know yourself you can know others.