Would you like to make the changes necessary in your life to be the best version of you?

I have an innate belief that we are all born for excellence.  Our lives from the day we are born are shaped by experiences and interactions with everyone and everything we come in contact with.  Good or bad, they shape who we are and how we react and behave by creating patterns through which we view and interact with life.  Trilogy deals with those patterns to make the necessary changes in your life.

Creating the change in

  • Choosing the same type of partner although you swore you never would.
  • Surrounded by continuous drama and conflict?
  • Self-doubt?
  • Don’t know what you really want?
  • Constantly feel stressed and tired?
  • Unable to make positive changes in your life?
  • Trapped in Addictions to people, situations, things?
  • Stuck in a job that you do not enjoy through fear?
  • Saying ‘yes’ when you mean no?
  • Saying ‘no’ and then feeling guilty?
  • Being unable to speak up or stand up for yourself?
  • Always feeling responsible for everyone else?
  • Having a partner/kids running your life?
  • Suffering from Illnesses or repetitive injuries? Etc.

A session using all the processes, techniques and the energetic know how will change anything that is not working in your life. We work together to let go all of those old unconscious patterns and beliefs that have held you back and kept you small so that you can become who you came here to be.  As we work you will start to feel lighter and more expanded.  That is the new you without the old baggage.  We peel back the onion layer and a bright shining you is in the center.  You will be able to move forward in whatever you have chosen to work with!

Top athletes have a coach.  Let me be yours.

Let’s ride the wave of awakening together and break free with clarity, confidence and a return to your true self.

Sessions are $360 for three hours. 

This is achieved either in person, on the phone.