Is it time for you to become an aware and vibrant being?
We do this so naturally and most of the time do not even realize that we are doing "IT".   This is because it comes in a variety of forms.   

Feeling something is not right with a friend and finding out she has been ill or has had a fight with her husband or boss.  Knowing not to let a child go somewhere and later finding out all the other kids were misbehaving.  Hearing your mum and she rings you.  I could go on and we will in the 6 weeks we have together.

This class is for those feeling the urgent push from SPIRIT to WAKE UP and get on with your mission. Beginners through to Experienced.  It is for you to remember who you truly are. An all knowing, aware co-creating Spirit having a Human experience. I will just be reminding you of what you are capable of!  To Wake you up! To Push you a little bit! To help stop you doubting yourself!  To calm the nonsense around The Probabilities and Possibilities of YOU.

In this amazing On Line Class you will continue to learn how to connect in with yourself and The Force that guides you. I know you are busy, so I use everyday things and scenarios for you to practice with.  As you connect deeper with your Spirit, you will start to become aware of Everything around you. How people are feeling, what they are thinking and the dynamics between all those in a given situation.  You will get clear directions in life, knowing what to do, where to go, whom to speak with.  To stop wasting time.  Life will open up, people will come to help you and doors will open Life will open.  Spirit has called you and wants you to move forward now. If this is how you feel then this Class is for you.

This On Class is Live through Zoom & 1 hour for 6 weeks.

Date: 11th Nov. till 16th Dec, 2017
Time: 8.30am Qld time. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra 9.30am Adelaide. 9.00am Perth 6.30am  

Each Weekly Class contains a different:
Intuition/Psychic Development Practice 
Physical Awareness/Activity Development Practice
Spirit Awareness
Appreciation Journaling 
Q & A each week & so much more

$150 Investment