Read the wonderful comments from people who have experienced Trilogy individual sessions.


I met Jannine Umana about 8 years ago, a moment I will never forget. I was pretty unwell when I met her. I was in a psychiatric state,physically I was extremely unwell. I spent an hour in Jannine’s company and she did a healing on me and when I got up from her couch I was better. It was quite miraculous…and being a doctor and seeking out alternative healing, it was a pivotal moment in my life. Jannine’s healing had a dramatic effect for me. Apart from healing me, it has opened my eyes to a completely different world that I have never seen before – the world of spirits and energy. It’s a wonderful thing and led to fantastic things in our lives. I’ve since become an artist. I love my artwork. Each time we have a healing session, she always brings me back to centre and grounds me and it’s extremely good for my health. I think she’s an amazing healer. –

R. Jones (Artist)  N.S.W.


“How can I possible capture the words that describe the changes in my life through the work of Jannine, I was part of her very first teaching over 13 years ago.Using the emotional healing techniques offered by Jannine door ways have opened in such a wonderful way, my relationship with my self, husband, friends,relatives, co workers, complete stranger, nature are so different, so much easier even when challenged.To begin to understand yourself has the most wonderful ripple affect around you but the key I believe is to be willing to keep learning and be willing to engage. There has been a understanding that it is necessary to care for the whole human being the physical, emotional and spiritual also there is a need to be an active participant.

Maureen Lisle (Ayurvedic Practitioner Adv. Dip.Yoga Australia member.  Qld


“ I was experiencing a lot of stress with work and feeling very depleted of energy...I was waking up at night with a knot of anxious energy and worry and would find it impossible to go back to sleep at times...i was a huge skeptic when it came to healers.This all changed when I witnessed first hand a miraculous healing that Jannine gave to my wife(who was in a very altered mental state)... and within one hour of being with she had her feeling great... My life there and then changed for the better. Jannine has continued to guide and educate me & continues to perform miracles for our family, just recently our 12 year old daughter was having some struggles and after an hour with Jannine she was feeling great relief. My daughter came up to me just a couple of hours after and said she felt so good. She did not realize she was so run down until she remembered what it was like to feel fantastic.

I highly recommend Janine as a healer, guide and teacher.

Peter Jones (Pilot)   N.S.W.


Just want to thank Jannine for giving my husband back his life. Mike is a supervisor on a construction site out in the gas fields.  For a very long time he was battling a form of depression, but with so much to be happy and thankful for , well he wasn't. 

There was nothing more I could do for him, his soul mate, and another " brain " pill was not the answer.I read Jannine's article in a magazine and thought this is the way we should go. With each consultation he was a much happier person and looked at things differently.He actually laughed at things that he has not done in a very long time, and even looked forward to going back out to work , something he used to dread. Bet the work mates were surprised with this happy man.

He says he feels a lot more positive in his approach to life.

Life is much happier for the both of us.

Anne Gympie